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  About Army Radio Sales Co.
About Army Radio Sales Co.
This site is devoted to all sorts of military radios and their hardware, as well as other interesting military items, and military vehicles.

Army Radio Sales website contains a wealth of free information on military radios and military vehicles, as well as on-line manuals, your very interesting articles, thousands of pictures, as well as a fully automated free classifieds advertising section to advertise your needs.

As a licensed radio ham and a collector we are very aware of the shortages and difficulty in obtaining radio equipment and accessories for your collections, that is why we travel to all corners of the world in pursuit of military radios, to better our collection and to serve the needs of military radio collectors and preservationist.

2000-2001 Distinguished Military Site Award.

Distinguished Military Site Award.

We help the military vehicle owner by finding the correct radio for the vehicle they may have. We help vintage communications and radio collectors, and the REAL amateur radio enthusiasts who likes to operate "the proper old fashioned way".

Military radios on sale on this site were originally commissioned by governments. The radios have been built using the highest quality components and materials to withstand battle-field conditions, costing thousands of pounds at the tax payers expense.

Some radios on sale use tubes and when repaired and aligned could provide years of service. Unlike modern transistor and surface mount radios made today, repairing old military radios with some basic knowledge of electronics is relatively easy and many spare parts such as tubes are still available. Try and find a I.C. for your 5 year old Japanese transceiver; only to be told sorry that part is obsolete!

Military radios were not produced in large numbers. The army usually destroys many of them at the end of their useful life. This results in scarcity making some equipment highly collectable.

Army Radio Sales Co. is just like a shop where we have radios for sale. Stocks change often. We try to stock many older military radios as well as many recent ones. For some items we only have very limited stocks. We also buy surplus radio equipment and accessories.
If you have any for sale, please contact

We usually have a stall at some of the major British radio rallies and military vehicle fairs. To save postage, equipment could be ordered in advance and collected at our stall on the day. To avoid disappointment check this site often at the New Arrivals Section.

"Our editors have selected your site as one of the best military sites on the Web. recognises your website as a valued resource for the military community. We salute you and your efforts. In appreciation, we would like to present you with our
Distinguished Military Site Award."

Army Radio Sales Co.
Army Radio Sales Co.


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