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  Army Radio Sales Co. :: Battery Adapter For AN/URC-68

  Battery Adapter For AN/URC-68
Battery Adapter For AN/URC-68

Battery Adapter For AN/URC-68

Radio Description:
AN/URC-68 Is a fully transistorized "Bail Out" emergency radio designed for pilots. Will net with both ground nautical and aircraft radios. Also saw use with Special Forces and pathfinder units.

Original battery designation BA-1112/U.

10 "AA" type cells.

Adapter Substitutions:
8 "AAA" Cells.

Parts List:
4 - battery holders, hookup wire; black and red, 4 - 5/8" long machine screws with nuts and star washers, and plastic.

Using an X-Acto knife or a hot knife, score the battery case, as shown, along the case-lid glue joint. Score using very light, repeated cuts, so that you don't break the case. See [Figure 1].

[Figure 1]
[Figure 1]

Once the lid is off, you'll see 10 "AA" type cells glued inside & wired to the two connectors on the lid. Pry the cells apart carefully with a small screwdriver & cut the wires from the connectors. Throw the cells away.

Use a soldering iron to heat the solder, and remove the wires from the connectors. Take a piece of 2-1/2" long red hookup wire and strip off 1/4" off each end. Solder this to the positive (+) battery inside the connector. Strip a 4-1/2" piece of black hookup wire as noted above. Then solder it to the negative (-) battery inside the connector.

Using a sharp knife, scrape two slots as shown in [Figure 2], about 1/16", top to bottom. This will provide room for the battery holders.

[Figure 2]
[Figure 2]

Glue the battery holders as shown in [Figure 2]. Solder hookup wire as shown in [Figure 3].

[Figure 3]
[Figure 3]

Glue the 4 nuts into position as shown in [Figure 2]. Drill 4 matching holes in the lid. Insert the machine screws and star washers. "Washers" can be cut from plastic (a coffee can lid etc., is ideal) about 1/2" square with a hole punched in the center. Force these over the screws on from the inside of the lid, this will keep you from losing the screws.

Place 8 fresh "AAA" cells into the holders, screw down the lid (cover), and install on your radio.

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