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  Army Radio Sales Co. :: 1973 to Present Company / Battalion Radios

  1973 to Present Company / Battalion Radios
1973 to Present Company / Battalion Radios

Soviet Cold War Era Radios 1973 to Present, General Issue Tactical Radios

Company / Battalion Radios

R-107 (Tube Version & R-107T (Transistorised Version)
R-107 (Tube Version) &
R-107T (Transistorised Version)

R-107, R-107T, R-107D, R-107M
The R-107 transceiver is one of the newest additions to Soviet communications. It is a man-packed frequency modulated transceiver which operates with in a frequency range of of 20 - 52 MHz. encompassing 1,231 useable frequencies ( Channels. ) This radio uses two bands, Band One is 20-36 MHz and Band Two is 36-52 MHZ. The set is capable of using the standard Kulikov antenna, a combined rod ( 2.7 meter ) or a travelling wave ( 40 meter doublet ). It has both continuous tune and pre-set capability with up to four pre-set frequencies. Power for the set is supplied by two rechargeable KNP-20 2.4 volt batteries. The R-107 is a sturdily constructed radio with a working weight of 16.9 Kg ( 37.2 lb. )

The set has a power output of 1 watt and a range of 6 kilometres ( 3.75 miles ) with a whip antenna 6-8 Km ( 3.75 - 5 miles ) with a combined rod antenna and 12 - 25 Km ( 9.4 to 15.6 miles ) with a travelling wave antenna. The set can be used as a radio relay station and can be remoted by using the standard field telephones, the TAI 43 or the newer TA 57. The set is designed for communications up to company level. This set operates in the same frequency range as the AN/PRC 25, AN/PRC 77 and the AN/VRC 12 and can be netted with these radios. This set is replacing the R-105M series of radios.

It was developed after the R-105M series at the same time as the R-123. That would make it mid to late 70s. In general they are 20-51 MHz FM man-pack. There are at least 4 versions. R-107 ( tube and solid state versions ), R-107D ( LED digital frequency readout ).

R-107M (latest and weird variant of R-107): power output is 5W,  modulation is FM or CW, a Morse key can be attached to the top of transceiver.

R-107D (Digital Version)
R-107D (Digital Version)
R-107M With Accessories
R-107M With Accessories
R-107M (Latest Version)
R-107M (Latest Version)


R-126 Man-Pack Transceiver
R-126 Manpack Transceiver

R-126 Man-Pack Transceiver
It is used by Motorised rifle platoons and companies. It covers 48.5 to 51.0 Mhz, is capable of Voice and is FM. It has a range of 2 to 4 Km, a power output of 0.5 watts, and has continuous tuning or a choice of three pre set frequencies.

R-129 Man Pack Transceiver
R-129 Man Pack Transceiver

R-129 Man Pack Transceiver
The R-129 is a ruggedly constructed, man packed transceiver which operates from two 2.4 VDC batteries hooked in series. The set is 18.7 x 40,0 x 33.7 cm and weighs 19 Kg. The front panel contains the dials and switches which operate the transceiver. The set can easily be recognised by the power switch's location on top of the radio. The R-129 can can transmit and receive in Single Side Band ( SSB ), Amplitude Modulation ( AM ) and continuous wave, ( CW ). It can also transmit but not receive Frequency Shift Keying ( FSK )

The set operates from 1 to 10.999MHz. It has detent tuning with a 10 KHz channel spacing. The power output is 3 to 90 watts and has a range of from 10 to 300 Km. The antennas that can be used with this set are a 1.5 meter whip antenna and a Dipole Antenna. The set can be remotely operated from up to km distant with the use of the new TA 57 field telephone.

The limitations of this set are that it is difficult to repair as the components are hard soldered to the chassis rather than being modular plug in units. Because of its weight it is difficult to man-pack. As it has no speaker, headphones must be used. When in the mobile mode, the set is capable of only 8 hours continuous receive operation before recharging the accumulators becomes necessary.

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