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  Army Radio Sales Co. :: 1973 to Present Patrol Radios

  1973 to Present Patrol Radios
1973 to Present Patrol Radios

Soviet Cold War Era Radios 1973 to Present, General Issue Tactical Radios

Patrol Radios


Apparently the R-126 set was still in this role until the early 1980s. It has been replaced by the R-392.
The R-126 which was first manufactured in 1962 is a ruggedly constructed, light weight battery operated radio designed for short range communication. It has a power output of 0.5 watts and a transmission range of 2 to 4 Km (1 -2.5 miles).

The R-126 has a frequency range of 48.5 to 51.0 MHz and comes in two versions, crystal controlled and continuous tune. The crystal controlled version has three pre set frequencies.

The R 126 set is housed in an aluminium alloy case, 17.8 x 7.6 x 15.2 cm, painted khaki coloured enamel and is powered by two 1.5 VDC silver zinc batteries. With batteries, the set weighs 2.8 kg (6 lb.) It may be carried by a sling or clipped on the belt, copying very closely the WW II Dorette Radio.

The main purpose of the R-126 was to provide communication between squads and platoons. Another use of the radio is to provide an off vehicle radio to provide command and control to the operators of SAGGER and SNAPPER missile systems. This set operates in the same frequency range as the AN/PRC 25, AN/PRC 77 and the AN/VRC 12 and can be netted with these radios.


R-255 Paratrooper Radio
R-255 Paratrooper Radio

R-255 Paratrooper Radio

R-255 Paratrooper Radio
R-255 Paratrooper Radio
R-255 Paratrooper Radio
R-255 Paratrooper Radio

This is a man pack radio developed in the 1980's. It has 6 fixed channels: 44.3, 44.6,44.9, 45.2, 45.8 MHz. The channel selector on top of the set is normally covered by a circular cover like that used on the R-126. This set has an RF output of about 2 watts and is powered by a 9,6 volt Ni-Cad battery. In operation the set is carried in a canvas carrier strapped to the operators back It uses a single headphone with a cheek microphone connected to the set by a cord through the control unit.

It is not certain if this set, which was originally designed as a special mission radio for the paratroopers has been mass produced for use by the entire Soviet Military for use as a patrol radio. If not, nothing has been recovered or found that would fit in the category of a patrol radio.


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