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  Army Radio Sales Co. :: Radio Set SCR-284-( )

  Radio Set SCR-284-( )
Radio Set SCR-284-( )

Radio Set SCR-284-( )

10) Required Parts
Items necessary for the installation of Radio Set SCR-284-( ) in Truck, 1/4-ton, 4 x 4, are listed below:

Quantity Stock No. Item
1 2Z502 Bag BG-102, for spare parts, batteries and headsets.
1 2Z529 Bag BG-102, for Power Unit PE-103-( ).
1 2Z1131 Box BX-31. for spare vibrator and tubes.
2 2Z2651-421 Clamp AIC-421, including spare.
2 2Z2651-422 Clamp AIC-422, including spare
2 2Z2651-423 Clamp AIC-423, including spare.
2 2Z2651-424 Clamp AIC-424, including spare.
1 3E1501 Cord CD-501.
3 3E1307-5.5 Cord CD-307-A, including spare.
1 3E1318 Cord CD-318.
3 3E1604 Cord CD-604, including spare.
1 2Z3367 Cover BG-67-( ), for mast base.
1 2Z3400-154 Cover BG-154, for radio set.
1 2Z4641 Frame FM-41.
1 6L50-284V26 Hardware bag.
3 2B830 Headset HS-30, including spare.
1 3G586 Insulator IN-86, for tying down mast sectiont.
**4 3G604 Insulator IN-104, including spare.
1 3Z3445 Key J-45.
1 3Z3448 Key J-48, including cord, plug, and cover.
1 2Z6310-7 Loudspeaker LS-7.
1 2A2088-57 Mast Base MP-57.
a1 2A2090-45 Mast Base Bracket MP-45.
2 2A2349 Mast Section MS-49, including spare.
2 2A2350 Mast Section MS-50 including spare.
2 2A2351 Mast Section MS-51, including spare.
2 2A2352 Mast Section MS-52, including spare.
2 2A2353 Mast, Section MS-53, including spare.
2 2B1567 Microphone Cover M-367.
1 2B1617 Microphone T-17.
1 2B1645 Microphosbe T-45.
1 3H4600-104 Power Converter Unit PE-104-( ), including spare vibrator.
1 3H4600-103 Power Unit PE-103-( ).
1 2C5374 Radio Receiver and Transmitter BC-654-( ).
2 6Z8371-5 Reinforcement.
1 2Z8O58 Roll BG-58, for mast sections.
15 ft 6Z7926 Rope RP-5, for tying down mast sections.
2 6D13051 TM-275, for Radio Set SCR-284-( ).
10 ft 1B142 Wire W-142.
**When installation is made for airborne use, delete Mast Base Bracket MP-45 and add the following:
1* Mast Base Bracket MP-50, 2* Insulator IN-104, 2* screw, hex. head 5/16"-24 x 1 1/2" long, 2* screw hex, head, 3/16"-24 x 1" long, 4* nut, hex, 5/16"-24, 8* Shake proof washer, 5/16" I. E. T., 1 terminal.

Assembly and Installation
a.) Preliminary Modifications.
Before proceeding with installation, perform all necessary drilling of vehicle, and cut Frame FM-41 into two sections, as shown in figure 21. Discard pieces cut from the upright frame members.

b.) Procedure.
Components of the radio set should he installed as shown in figure 21 and as directed below:

Figure 21a Figure 21b Figure 21c
Figure 21d Figure 21e Figure 21f
Figure 21g Figure 21h Figure 21i
Figure 21j Figure 21k
Figure 21: Installation of Radio Set SCR-284-( ) in Truck, 1/4 ton 4x4


Part and Location

Method and Materials

Reinforcement (item 36, flg. 21). Drill holes in the channels holding rubber snubber blocks, for the dynamotor on lower half of Frame FM-41. Secure two reinforcements to the channels with hardware, provided, as shown in figure. 21.
Frame FM-41 (item 4, figure 21), on wheelwells. Secure lower section of Frame FM-41 to right wheelwell with hardware provided.
Secure upper section of Frame FM-41 to left wheelwell with hardware provided.
Power Unit PE-103-( ) (item 2, figure 21), on lower section of Frame FM-41. Open spring cover in base of Power Unit PE-103 ( ) and set the slotted voltage-adjustment screw for 6-VOLT OPERATION as marked. Set the three circuit breakers to ON, position. Place power on lower section of Frame FM-41 and secure with provided wingnuts. Route power cords to car terminal box and secure with clamp No. 10, as shown in figure 21.
Radio Receiver and Transniitter  BC-654-( ) and Power Converter Unit PE-104-( ) (items 1 and 3, figure 21), on upper section of Frame FM-41. Check units with serial numbers below 12,000 to see that modification per MWO SIG 11-275-4 has been performed. The voltage-adjusting screw on Power Converter Unit PE-104-( ) must be set for 6-VOLT OPERATION. If power converter unit is not already installed, open the small door of the power supply compartment of Radio Receiver and Transmitter BC-654-( ), pull out the plug, slide power converter forward, and set the voltage adjusting screw for 6-VOLTS as marked. Place radio receiver and transmitter on upper section of Frame FM-41l as shown in figure 21, and secure in place with spring fasteners provided.
Warning: If vehicle is equipped with 12-volt conversion adjust Power Unit PE-103( ) and Power Converter Unit PE-104-( ) to 12 volts.
Insulators IN-104 (item 13, figure 21). Attach one Insulator IN-104 to top of driver's seat and two Insulators IN-104 to top left edge of vehicle as shown in figure 21, Antenna and Ground Routing. For airborne use, install two extra Insulators IN-104, one on Mast Base Bracket MP-50 and one on left rear corner of vehicle as shown in figure 21, Antenna Location for Airborne Use.
Clips (item 16, figure 21). Secure clips, provided in hardware bag, to rear of vehicle with screws, nuts, and lockwashers supplied, as shown in figure 21.
Cord CD-601 (item 14, figure 21). Use only rubber-jacket cord. Connect Cord CD-501 to Power Unit PE-103-( ) and to Radio Receiver and Transmitter BC-654-( ).
Mast Base Bracket MP-45 and Mast Base MP-57 (items 5 and 6, figure 21), on upper rear of vehicle. For standard installation, clamp Mast Base Bracket MP-45 on upper rear of vehicle, left side. as shown in figure 21. Assemble Mast Base MP-57 on Mast Base Bracket MP-45 as shown in figure 8. Use Wire W-142 for antenna and ground connections, as shown in figure 21. Strip insulation from about 1/2 inch of each end, solder-tin. one end, and solder terminal to other end. If Mast Base MP-37 is supplied, see figure 7 for assembly instructions.
Mast Base Bracket MP-50 (item 35, figure 21), for airborne use only. When installation is made for airborne use, see figure 21, Antenna Location for Airborne Use. Drill indicated holes in vehicle for mast base bracket, and drill indicated holes in Mast Base Bracket MP-50 for footman loop as shown. Remove the footman loop f rom rear of vehicle, and secure mast base bracket. Secure mast base bracket on rear of the vehicle with hardware  provided. Cut a 68-inch length of Wire W-142, strip insulation from about 1/2 inch of each end, and solder-tin the tips for antenna connections. Route and connect antenna and ground leads as shown in figure 21, Antenna Location for Airborne Use.
Mast Sections MS-49 through MS-53 and Clamps MC-421 thriugh MC-424 (items 7 through 11, figure 21), Cover BG-67-( ) (item 18, figure21). Screw mast sections together. Place clamps over joints, and screw mast section into mast base. When removed. stow mast sections in Roll BG-58.
Place Cover BG-67-( ) over mast base when mast sections are not in use.


Figure 7
Figure 7: Mast base MP-37, assembly for installation


Figure 8
Figure 8: Mast base MP-57, assembly for installation

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