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  Army Radio Sales Co. :: Ham Radio Rallys in Ukraine

  Ham Radio Rallys in Ukraine
Ham Radio Rallys in Ukraine

Ham Radio Rallies in Ukraine

The radio rallies in Ukraine are a serious affair. They take place every Saturday and Sunday in Kiev and Kharkov, and a smaller scale the rest of the week. This one was in Kharkov and on a Saturday. Radio Rallies are called "Radio Rinock" or "Radio Bazaar". I arrived with Valery Loshakov by Metro, I didn't know what to expect. It was about 11 o'clock and the rally was well underway. It looked just like any other rally, except colder. People were selling spare parts bits of radios and TV's along with computer parts. I had a quick look around but was unable to see any military radio sets for sale. It turns out that you have to ask the traders about military radios. Most traders had some at home, and if I wanted to, they were willing to bring them to the rally the next day (Sunday) for me to see. In way I was glad that there were no radios on show. It meant I would be able to close my suit case for the way back home. However I agreed to meet one dealer, who said he had a pair of small pilots rescue radio's for sale and he would bring it with him the next day for me to see. A passer-by (Vladimir Mitkeyev) at one stall overheard us and said that he had a collection of military radios for us to see. We arranged to meet him the next day at his apartment, more of which you can read in our Collections Section. On that day I bought mainly connectors and Tubes along with few other parts.

P855-YM Pilots Rescue Radio
P855-YM Pilots rescue radio and rechargeable battery

We went back on Sunday to see the pilots rescue radios. The radios were in a fair condition. both worked and were complete with rechargeable batteries, but no antennas. I bought them, they were cheap enough and most important small to fit into my suitcase.

Radio Bazaar in Kharkov

Radio Bazaar in Kharkov

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