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Website with Shopping Cart

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Prices are for design and development of our standard e-commerce website range.


Have you ever considered owning a professional Database driven website in which you can easily sell and manage your products on the internet? 

A Website that looks and feels professional, in which customers can easily navigate and find what they are looking for. Search for products, see product pictures, read their description, see prices and automatically order what they like. Be able to register and receive electronic News Letters informing them of the newest products that have just arrived in your store. Automatically take customers payments and inform you of their orders.

A website, that is easy and quick to Administrate and keep up to date from anywhere in the world. Have unlimited number of products for sale and be able to change in real time prices and descriptions of items, delete or add new products and product categories, control inventory, manage customerís orders, run off special reports or even close the shop for a while.

Maybe you already have a website that has not changed for a long time, is difficult to manage or is just not what you wanted. Well we have developed the perfect solution for you.

You can think of it as a low cost prefabricated shop painted in your colours with your logo on the door. Everything is setup and ready for you to move in to. All you have to do is to fill your shelves with your products and start trading.

No programming skills or special HTML code is required. No need to edit and upload pages any longer. If you can use your computers browser you can manage this website, it is that easy!


Have a look at some existing Customer websites

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Army Radio Sales Co.
Jeeparts UK
Great Malvern Military Convention
Cricklewood Electronics

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Professional Internet E-Commerce
Key Features


Key Features

Design flexibility
Hundreds of ecommerce features
Advanced shopping cart functionality
Web-based administration
Accept payments online
Control inventory, manage orders & reports


Easy-to-use web interface
Bulk uploading of products and pictures
Customizable localization: multi-language, configurable currency symbol and weight / dimension measurement units, configurable list of states / provinces

Customer Care

All orders stored in database
Customers can search & browse personal order history
Integrated configurable store product search
Real time order tracking
Customer can choose between account registration and express checkout
The possibility to disable checkout without registering
Password reminder for customers
Customizable e-mail notifications/invoices
Wish list
"Send to friend" section
Ability to save the customer's cart
Newsletter management for multiple lists, edit / import / export of subscribers, news archive for customers
Printable versions of pages
Multiple customer types w/unique pricing for every customer type
Memberships and special pricing
"Clear cart" button
Edit product options in cart / wish list / Gift registry wish list
Printable invoices
Configurable contact form
Second address line for user profiles
Ability to change the order of products on the customer side

Product Details

Unlimited product options/variants/properties w/optional price modifiers
Unlimited custom input fields for products
Customer-defined prices
HTML-enriched product descriptions
Unlimited number of product images
Storing images in Data Base or on a file system
Multi-homed products
Manufacturers module

Shipping and Tax

Real-time USPS, FedEx and UPS shipping calculation from one location
Unlimited number of custom-defined delivery methods
Flat rate, weight, order total and per-item based shipping
Different weight limits for different delivery methods
Mark-ups for real-time shipping
Mark your products as "free shipping" products
Promotional "free shipping" coupons to your customers
Add handling/freight charges
Handle international, domestic and local shipping
Ability to clone a zone and all zone information
Restrict shipping by location
Allow your customers to choose delivery methods
Full support for downloadable goods (e-goods)
Customizable tax calculation
Product-specific taxes
Taxes & shipping fees depending on client's location
"Tax exempt" feature

Sales Analysis & Tracking

Comprehensive statistics:
   - Number of orders
   - Number of customers
   - Product views
   - Category views
   - Products removed from cart by customers
   - Sales by product / best sellers
   - Total sales
   - Client environment settings
   - Statistics on search patterns customers use when searching products

Searchable order data
Order data is easy to print
Printable shipping labels
Search engine & incoming traffic tracker: the cart keeps referrer data for all customers
Shipment/fulfilment interface
Export sales & customer data for use in a spreadsheet
Export orders to QuickBooks format

Internet Search Engine Friendly

Pages can be indexed by all major search engines
Define custom META tags for every category
Customer referrer info is stored in database
Auto generated static HTML catalogue
Search engine optimization options group

Database and Platform Compatibility

Open source PHP code
Support for UNIX/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X servers
Powered by MySQL database
Multi-language: your e-store can work with unlimited number of languages
Multi-lingual products
Multi-lingual categories
Multi-lingual product options
Payment processing modules for all major gateways
Flexible implementation: you can easily add new features and/or disable existing ones.

Repeat Customer Accommodation

All customer's data is stored in database
Greet regular visitors
Registered customers can be offered discounts
Registered customers do not have to enter their data again
Registered customers can edit their profile
Registered customers can access history of their orders
Built-in newsletter engine
Real-time order tracking for registered customers
Moderated product reviews and ratings

Design and Layout

100% template-based storefront
Intuitive navigation
Support for thumbnails
Category thumbnail images
Side-bar "mini-cart" viewable at all pages
Build-in template editor: preview, edit and restore templates
The possibility to find, create and modify static HTML pages
Customizable heading tabs
HTML or plain Text E-Mails

For Sale Product Catalogue

Unlimited number of products
Unlimited number of categories
Unlimited category nesting
Products can be assigned to unlimited number of categories
Ability to modify multiple products simultaneously
Members-only categories
"Featured Products" box
Automated display of bestsellers
Related products, up selling and cross selling
1-click enable/disable switch for products and categories
Support for up to two different currencies
Automatic currency conversion
Configurable search by title, description, category, SKU, price and weight

Merchandising and Inventory

Discount coupon codes and gift certificates
Full inventory control
"Out of Stock" Messages
Quantity discounts
Retail and wholesale price
Limit minimal order amount

Web-based Admin for Store Owner

Password-protected administrative access
All changes are real-time
Control the store from anywhere in the world using your web browser
Unlimited number of admin accounts
Support for restricted "shipping/fulfilment" admin accounts
User-defined date/time format


Full HTTPS/SSL support
Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access
Password-protected administrative access
Encrypted customer data
PGP-encrypted e-mail notifications
Real-time security notifications of all failed login attempts
Anti-Fraud module validates customer's address during checkout
Stop list module allows disabling shop usage from specific IP
Backup sub-system

Payment Gateways & Methods

Accept payments in any currency
Allow payment via several online payment modules
Manual (offline) credit card processing
PayPal payments
Checks, purchase orders and phone orders
Real-time credit card processing (requires membership with one of the following Credit Card Payment processing gateways)

- 2CheckOut
- 2Checkout. Version 2
- 3Delta Systems
- A1M Platform
- AccessPoint (MerchantManager)
- ANZ eGate
- AsiaDebit
- AuthorizeNet.eCheck
- AuthorizeNet: AIM
- AuthorizeNet: SIM
- Bank of America
- Bean Stream
- BiBiT
- BluePay
- Caledon
- Cambist
- Cardia
- Cardia Shop 2.0
- Censeo (dialog)
- Censeo (no dialog)
- CentiPaid
- Clear Commerce (PayFuse)
- CyberCash
- CyberPac (LaCaixa)
- CyberSource
- DataTrans
- DeltaPAY
- DirectOne
- Direct Payment Solution
- DPI Link
- DPI Link
- E-Dinar
- E-Gateway
- E-Gold
- EasyPay
- ECHOnline
- EFSnet
- ePDQ
- Epoch Systems
- eProcessingNetwork.
- eSec.Direct
- eSec.ReDirect
- eSelect plus
- eWAY.Shared payment
- eWAY.XML payment
- Ezic. Direct mode V3.x
- FirePay
- GestPay
- GlobalCommerce
- GoChargeIt
- GoEmerchant
- GoEmerchant XML
- GZS:PayMaster
- HSBC Secure E-Payment
- iDeb
- Innovative E-Commerce
- IntelliPay: ExpertLink
- InternetSecure
- iTransact (ProcessUSA).
- Jettis
- LinkPoint (Card Service)
- Lynk Systems
- Money Bookers
- MultiCards
- MultiPay
- NetBanx
- Netbilling
- NetPay
- NetRegistry e-commerce
- Nochex
- Ogone
- Ogone (web)
- Pasat Internet
- PayBox
- PayByCheck
- PayByCheck.XML
- PayGate
- PayGateway
- Payment Resources Int
- PayNet
- PayPal
- PaySystems
- PaySystems Client
- PayWeb
- PayZip.Net
- PlugnPay.
- PRI. POST Interface
- PRI. WEB Interface
- PRI. XML Interface
- Protx VSP Direct
- Protx VSP Form
- ProxyPay3
- PSiGate
- PSW Billing
- RTWare
- Saferpay
- Scopus Tecnologia
- SECPay
- SecurePay
- SkipJack
- Slim CD
- Smart people
- SmartPag
- SurePay
- Triple Deal
- Trolley Gateway
- TrustCommerce
- USAePay
- uSight
- VaultX
- Velocity Pay
- VeriSign Link
- VeriSign PayFlow Pro
- viaKlix
- viaKlix 2.0
- Way2Pay
- WebCraft
- Wells Fargo
- World Swift
- WorldPay
- WTSbank
- YellowPay
- YourPay
- ZipZap